Fluorocarbons Rubber (FKM-FPM)

Fluorocarbons Rubber (FKM-FPM)
Temperature Range: -15°C / +250°C
Main Features: Fluorocarbons Rubber show excellent resistance levels at high temperatures, excellent resistance to ozone, U.V. rays, vapor, oils, fuels, organic solvents and chemical agents. They have also a good behavior at compression set They show very low permeability values and they have fireproof properties.
Fluorocarbons rubbers are employed for applications which require excellent elastic properties to little deformations along with resistance to high temperatures and chemical inertia. As a matter of fact they have been representing the most important reference point for rubber finished parts seals employed in extreme conditions for decades.
In particular, they distinguish themselves for:
  1. - Outstanding resistance to: aliphatic, halogen, chloride and aromatic hydrocarbons.
  2. - Outstanding resistance to: base phosphate flammable fluids base, atmospheric agents, ozone and U.V. rays.
  3. - Outstanding resistance to methane, LPG, oils and mineral fats.
  4. - Outstanding resistance to high temperatures, even against aggressive hydrocarbons.
Limitation: They do not have good resistance to low temperatures, ketones, aldehydes, low molecular weight esters, nitrogen compounds, acids, vapor hot water, break fluids and ammonia.
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