Polyurethanes (AU/EU)

Polyurethanes (AU/EU)
Temperature Range: -30°C / +100°C
Main Features: The Polyurethanes are special rubber compounds which formability performances and features have been developed to satisfy particular technical requirements in the rubber field. The cured finished-parts have following features:
  1. - Excellent physical strength (high elongation and tensile strength).
  2. - Good elasticity features between -30°C to +10°c.
  3. - Outstanding abrasion resistance.
  4. - Good compression set features between -30°C and +70°C.
  5. - Outstanding resistance to: light, ozone, oxidation and atmospheric agents.
  6. - Good/Outstanding resistance to chemical agents (aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons).
  7. - Low gas permeability.
Limitations: Poor resistance to: water-base, acid or alkali solutions, hot water, glycol, vapor, ketones. It deteriorates quickly when temperatures get higher.
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