Polyvinyldimethylsiloxane (VMQ)

Polyvinyldimethylsiloxane (VMQ)
Temperature Range: -50°C / +200°C
Main Features: The silicone elastomers special properties are the result of their particular chemical structure.

They are unique in this category of raw materials because they combine the quality of the silica, a mineral charge, with the ones typical of organic compounds.
As a matter of fact,while the organic polymers are made of carbon-carbon chemical bonds, the silicone rubbers replace the carbon atoms with the couple silicon-oxygen.

  1. -Outstanding resistance to atmospheric agents and ageing.
  2. -It owns excellent dielectric properties.
  3. -It resists to oxidant chemical substances, diluted saline solutions, diluted acids, amines, ozone, U.V. rays, brake fluids not deriving from petroleum, engine oils with low aromatics content, vegetal and animal oils, glycols.
  4. -It perfectly resists to temperature ranges.
Limitation: It does not resist to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, strong base acids, overheated vapor, mineral oils with high aromatics content.
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